Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Winkel In My Eye

Winkel means store in Dutch.

Make you wonder why Henry Winkler played this guy

and not this guy
But (Mr. Hooper's shop on Sesame Straat not withstanding), the Dutch have the best stores.

My favorite is HEMA, which is the Target of the Netherlands, except met sausage in the underpants aisle.

Fred Meyer, which is the Target of Portland, has the slogan What's on your list? You'll find it at Fred Meyer! The implicit slogan of HEMA seems to be What's so whackdog you'd never think to put it on your list? It's at HEMA. And it's so freakin' cute you'll be compelled to buy it!

Glass bunny plate and lid?
Sure! I can use that for my bunny butter dish.

Oversized foam bunny?
Hard to choose between pink and yellow. Better get one of each!

Other transnational winkelen and commodities comparisons from one of my first days here:

In America, Dutch Boy is a brand of paint.

In the Netherlands, English Guy (or, as they say in Dutch, Engels) is . . . a brand of paint!

In 1990, I visited St. Anthony, Labrador, the town where my honey Chuck the Canuck's mother went to high school.

In showing me around, said mother pointed out a dry goods store that she informed us had been, during her residence, "run by a nice Jewish man, very fair with the prices."

It's not anti-Semitism if you say the Jew wasn't a goniff, right?

I was just strolling down the straat the other day, and I noticed this winkel.

Yeah, the name is properly pronounced kike shop.

And, it turns out, Chuck's mother was right.

They ARE very fair with the prices!

Wouldn't any American Jew be proud?


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

I'm so loving the travelogue - and the winkel wares are making me rethink my future travel plans. Have you thought of writing for the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce?

Macaroni said...

Excellent idea! can you please forward your comment to Queen Beatrix and see if she can pull some strings?