Friday, March 7, 2008

Most People Here Have the Monkey on Their Back

I am feeling very intercontinental.

I am in Amsterdam.

I just came on the airplane machine.

It was a fairly uneventful flight. Technically a red-eye, although for me it turned into a red-nose, because while I was in the bathroom I got a nosebleed.

To make myself feel even more intercontinental, I thought about how to say nosebleed in French. I was inspired by the teen who was sitting next to me (not in the bathroom, I mean in my assigned row) who was French.

I thought, if only my rowmate and I were bonne amies, I would return and tell her, "J'ai un sang de la nez."

Then I realized that I wasn't sure how to pronounce sang, and it might sound like I was saying "J'ai un singe de la nez."

So in case you are wondering, a quick recap:
1) am in Amsterdam
2) am very intercontinental
3) may have a monkey up my nose

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