Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Polymorphously Per Verse

Why I Haven't Blogged All Week, Reason 2

Avid readers of this blog (aka my sister) have already learned that poetry serves many high and cultured purposes. Let me count the ways:

It is useful if you accidentally sent several thousand emails.
It is useful if you need a paean to the greatest of suburban teen hangouts.
It is useful if you inadvertently charged your martini to someone else's tab.

And, of course, it is especially useful if you have very, very limited knowledge of FinalCut and are not afraid to use it.

Let's just say, I'm polymorphously per verse.

So when the time came to create an entry for the Filmed by Bike Festival, I wrote me a poem, recorded it in an emotive manner, added some digital photos and a few short motion pieces, and then warmed up the new synthesizer, which I played with the wild abandon of someone with no talent and even less training.

Look out Vittorio De Sica.

I'm not posting the finished product just yet, because I'm hoping it will be chosen for the FBF, not to mention the BFF (Bicycle Film Festival, an entirely different animal). But in the meanwhile, fiets your eyes on this Dutch treat.

Myriad emotions can be expressed in rhyme
but cycling is singularly an Amsterdam good time.

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