Saturday, July 12, 2008

You Can Always Tell a Harvard Grad. But Not Much.

I haven't been in college for quite a while. But according to this powerful photographic documentation, commencement day was a real laugh riot.

It's gotten even funnier in retrospect.

If you liked that, email the producers of LiveWire and ask them to have me back.

Or, better yet, get Ira Glass on the line, and tell him that given the deep affinity between gay men and Jewish women, in the true spirit of summer camp, next time instead of Sedaris or Rakoff, maybe he ought to give MacaroniManiac a try.

Just remind him not to call at 11:02 pm to invite me on the show. I'll be chilling with a Midori spritzer then.


bono said...

that was awesome. i particularly relate to the part about the dust-covered bottle of midori in your parents' house.

Rory Bernstein said...

Lois, this is so funny. How is it that you have 2 more siblings than I was aware of? I only remember Larry. How is he?

I remember those plastic covered sofas, and your shag rugs. Are they still there?