Sunday, March 23, 2008

Queer Eye to Supersize the Small Fry

Style. It transforms the mundane into the marvelous.

Here in the land of Nethers, evidence of this ab fab phenomenon abounds.

Chanel has taken the Oma Fiets (literally Grandma Bike - think of it as the Ford K-Car of the Netherlands)

Grandma, what a dull sedan you have.

The better to haul my huge grandmotherly bloomers in.

and made it Haute Couture
Note the signature Chanel leather on the paniers, seat, handle bar grips, and pump.
Who says fashion can't be practical? This is the perfect vehicle . . . if all you ever need to transport is your lipstick, your cigarettes, and your extremely small lap dog.

But it takes more than just your average sense of style to turn this

into this

Able to mute primary colors into pastels . . .
Aesthetically powerful enough to turn McDonald's Playland into Camp Play

Is it a songbird?
Is it a flight attendant?

Is it Superman?

No! It's even gayer!

Gayer than a man who flounces around town in tights?
Prithee tell, what is gayer than Superman?
That would have to be - Sissyboys!

And they are more powerful too. Par example:

At brunch (the gayest of all meals), George ordered the gelati of the day without the waitress telling him what they were.

But Oliver took just one lick of each mystery ball, and his superpalate was able to detect all the subtle flavorings, from amaretto to apricot.

George and Oliver's design firm UXUS has designed the new look for McDonald's Playland. So thanks to them, we can all start calling those Happy Meals by their rightful name.

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