Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amsterdam 90210

Everyone in Amsterdam speaks English.

It is exceedingly convenient.

It also makes me feel like a heel.

Here I am, third trip to the Netherlands, and I don't even try to say two words in Dutch. I know people from the US, England, Australia - even people from non-English speaking countries - who have lived here for years and haven't bothered learning Dutch, because they know they can get by with English.

I want to believe I'm different, that I really care about other cultures. So yesterday, on a long train ride, I grabbed the local newspaper and vowed to decipher as much as I could.

It turns out, my Dutch is better than I thought. I was able to understand this entire article of huge international import.

Here I sit, in the land of dairy, contemplating the cognate boobjob and bewonderen to myelf about the multiple and possibly terrifying meanings of the phrase "breaking news."


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

And here I thought that "borstvergroting" meant "camel".

Lesson learned: I really need to be careful around Dutch people.

Lisa said...

Now I know two words in Dutch: boobjob and th word for spatula ... which I only half know because I can say it but can't spell it.

Your trip sounds tres fabu!