Monday, March 30, 2009

The Scariest Thing at the Fred Meyer

There is something eerie and disturbing about food that is disguised as other food.

I thought this genre reached it height - or should I say its depth - with marzipan pigs.

I was wrong.

It's a hamburger! It's fries!

It's cake that looks like a hamburger and fries!

Not to be confused with the best cake in the world, which I made this weekend for my squeeze the Cheez's birthday.

A lovely chocolate cake. So rich, so moist, so well loved that no one ever guesses my secret ingredient.

And if that grosses you out, MORE CAKE FOR ME!!!!

Hey, at least it doesn't come with frosted red fake "ketchup."


Eric said...

avigail said...

Lois - I hope you cross post this one to the Carrot! best,

Anonymous said...

No way! That's a joke right? Sauerkraut is not even good on a hotdog. Although, in low enough doses it can be masked by chocolate.

Macaroni said...

Dear Anon, as readers of this blog know, I joke about many topics: politics, family, the Pope's ability to breast feed.

But when I say THE BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD, I am dead serious. So yes, sauerkraut.