Monday, August 25, 2008

In Tune with the Electorate

It's a short hop between democracy in action and democracy inaction.

I had to work late tonight. But I wanted to see how the head donkeys would package Michelle Obama. So I begged my client to watch the Democratic National Convention with me while we toiled away.

Didn't we just watch the Olympics? he complained.

I actually hadn't watched the Olympics, which means I was running dangerously low on Exposure to Inspirational Personal Stories. Happily, night one of the convention delivered like a pimply-faced seventeen year-old with a light-up Domino's sign stuck on the roof of his rusting 1992 Ford Escort.

I am not going to knock Michelle Obama. Honestly, her occasional verbal flubs as she read off the teleprompter made her seem more genuine. More average American.

Although actually the average American doesn't read much at all.

But I was a little perturbed when her speech ended and the band struck up Isn't She Lovely.

Lovely? Is that the best they could say about a graduate of Princeton and Harvard?

Couldn't they have found something a little more offensive? Maybe Brown Sugar or Got a Black Magic Woman?

One can only imagine what they have planned for Hilary Clinton.

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