Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not the Usual Two-Bit Office Party (be ware: more puns follow)

Talk about a bright spot on the calendar. Last night, sticky, which elusively describes itself as "a creative agency," had a pixel party.

Please join us for an evening of digital delight
drop in anytime for a drink and quick byte
You're welcome alone or with a date

We're looking forward to seeing you pixelate

Although I didn't have to consult my Portland bitmap to find the studio - I'm usually there at least once a week - I still didn't exactly arrive on the dot. But in the brighter late than never spirit, I did have a good time. Inasmuch as an evening in which conversation topics include everything from the choreographic genius of Tahni Holt to the historical import of Fort Ticonderoga constitutes a good time.

Plus, how often do you get to see the sort of person who would draw this

looking like this?But the highlight of the evening was playing with the online pixelator. Here I am (having reclaimed my Japanese hair adornment) dancing in front of it:

I thought that was pretty groovy. Of course, that could just be because the closest I ever come to doing X and going to an all-night rave is popping a couple of Omega-3 fish oil capsules and then maybe going into an all-night rant.

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