Monday, January 14, 2008

Like Fred Rogers with a Canon PowerShot SD 750

Sunday was a sunny day in Sunnyside. A perfect opportunity to stroll about and remember all there is to love about the neighborhood.

See the sunlight glinting off the "we carry fairly traded toys" sign in the locally-owned toy shop?

And on the Master Peace sign in the locally-owned Hemp Clothing store
(oh, are you voting Kucinich, my hemp wearing friend? what a surprise!)

The elephants are abloom with kale.

Not everyone in the neighborhood is vegan, of course.
Check out the butcher's lunchbox.

But now, Monday, it is once again pouring rain.
I suppose I will comfort myself by having some indoor fun.
Perhaps slipping on my hemp apron and cooking my special kale and kialbasa dish in my fair-traded Easy-Bake oven.

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