Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow business like yo business

Met a great painter at the grocery store,
snow was falling Christmas eve . . .

Okay, it was actually only noon on the 24th, and Dan Fogelberg was, happily, nowhere in sight.

But it was nice to bump into my favorite visual chronicler of Portland.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is his nostalgic take on our fair city:
Nostalgic inasmuch as it represents Portland before the Ice Age.

Here's a little visual tour of the City of Frozes, as it's been looking these days:

Macaroni: Do I look like my Russian forebears?

Cheez: Well, you look like a Russian bear.

The compost bin froze shut.

But the prevailing leftist sentiments were still apparent.
Yes, there is a Prius under there, somewhere.

They use even less gas if you can't drive anywhere all week.

Perhaps the most Portland manifestation of the blizzard . . .

Free Box Freeze Out

Get your ice-cold used clothes here.

But now the snow is gone, and the weather has returned to normal.
Sog on!

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