Thursday, November 27, 2008

Can a Nice Jewish Girl Enjoy a Naughty Nosh?

So, I'm a radical feminist who opposes the institution of marriage.

Not to mention a pescetarian who hasn't eaten meat since the Carter administration.

Which means it might surprise you that I whipped up this little illustration a couple weeks back.
But really, it's not all that mind-boggling. Or at least no more mind-boggling than the fact that, thanks to me, the Jew and the Carrot, a blog dedicated to the intersection of Jews, food, and sustainability, now links to the Marriage Bed, a discussion board chock full o' sex tips for fundamentalist Christians.

Epi-ethicurious how that came to pass? I thought you might be.

Click on over to jcarrot to read all about it.

And send any ethical food question you have to

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