Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frisco v Frisky

They're usually nice. Helpful. Memories of 1967 still linger in the Bay Area, and people are a little goofy for my East Coast taste. But, thank God, they don’t take themselves very seriously.
- Erin Geld praising San Francisco hipsters over Brooklyn hipsters on Newsweek online.

Nice? Helpful? Not taking ourselves seriously? She might be confusing SF with Portland.
San Francisco hipster blog mocking Geld

Sure, during today's Pretty Dress Bike Parade you might have momentarily mistaken Alberta '08 for Haight '68 . . . if you easily confuse a well-vented bike helmet for a well-loved tab of acid.

But tonight, I discovered a true and tangible difference between San Francisco and Portland.
Is that a Mondrian on your socks or are you happy to see me?

Those are, respectively, the feet of political satirist Will Durst and of queer author Marc Acito, both of whom were guests on Live Wire tonight. During his time onstage, Durst cited the unintentional humor in Senator Hilary Clinton's condemnation of George W Bush: "I find it inconceivable that a sitting President of the United States would lie to me."

Not to be undone regarding the road to humor being paved with un-intentions, during his time onstage, Acito recalled how he unintentionally felt up Chelsea Clinton.

So when we were all shmoozing after the show, I asked if he wanted to add Durst to his list of politico-celebrity boob jobs.

Of course he did. So much for No Socks leading to No Service.

"I'm honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Chelsea Clinton," Durst proclaimed.

"I think you mean, in the same breast," I corrected.

Wasn't that nice and helpful of me?

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